Sep 29

Introducing the Hickory


Based on the Maple RET6 from LeafLabs, the Hickory has many of the peripherals on board that shields would otherwise offer. In addition to the Maple/Arduino standard connectors that still allow a shield board to be attached, the Hickory has on board:

  • RTC from Maxim, the DS3234SN.
  • 8Kx8 serial EEPROM, the 25LC640A.
  • Ethernet port, by way of the WIZ820io.
  • 16 channels of Op-Amp buffered analog input.
  • 8 channels of PWM output each rated up to 75 amps and up to 30 Volts max Vds.*
  • Low Side MOSFETS drive PWM outputs.
  • Single voltage supply input between 12 and 28 volts.
  • On board regulators provide supply regulation for the analog circuits and the STM32F103RET6.
  • MOSFET circuits are supplied directly from input voltage.
  • Uses RET6 bootloader and programs through USB port.
  • The Hickory measures 2.125″ wide by 4″ long.

*See Safe Operating Conditions in Manufacturer’s Data Sheet.

Production Boards Coming Soon!

Sep 29


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